The Three Keys To Consistency

 How long have you played the game? Do you take lessons and practice diligently, but only see marginal improvement?


The fascinating (and frustrating) part of the game is fluctuation between one game and the next. Thousands of golfers are trapped in an endless cycle of fault-finding and error correction.  It would appear that every instructor follows a different version of the Golf Instructor's Bible.


Every consistent swing contains three essential elements; these elements are the foundation that you need to develop your own unique style. When you understand how these essentials affect the flight of the ball, then you have the tools to elevate your game to a whole new level!


Have you heard that ninety percent of the swing is determined by the address or set-up position.

Your grip, posture and body alignment are the three keys to a consistent set-up. 


For a brief video on the three keys to a consistent address position, please click here.

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