The Number One Roadblock To Improvement


Have you heard that golf is ninety percent mental?

It's one of those phrases that you hear all the time, but how does simply acknowledging the phrase help you play better?


Traditional instruction is based on fault-finding and error correction. This method sounds logical but it's a seductive trap that leads us to believe that sooner or later, if we just practice enough, the swing will be perfect. 

Your golf swing is always a work in progress. It is constantly changing based on how you feel. How do you feel after a playing partner has just told you that your swinging too "flat" and coming "over the top".


The tendency to automatically look for swing faults is the number one roadblock to improvement for the once-a-week golfer.


Have you ever noticed  how your best shots happen when you least expect it? How often have you hit a lay up shot to a bunker or water hazard and ended up hitting the ball twenty yards farther than you intended?


Your ability to lock-in the feeling of your best shots is the secret to forgetting swing mechanics for one and a half seconds and just hit the damn ball!



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