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The Perfect Golf Swing and Beyond is a 60 minute program to guide you through the fundamentals. Includes lifetime access and certificate of completion. 
Fix Your Golf Slice Forever is a thirty-minute program to help you eliminate a chronic slice.
Ever heard that golf is ninety-percent mental?  What does it really mean?
Insights on the mental side of the game at:
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"As a really average golfer, I found this book very appealing. The concept of keeping a journal of "good shots" and really dissecting what you did before and during those shots seems almost too easy!"
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Five star review
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Are you frustrated by a lack of improvement?  Do You take lessons and practice regularly, but ride a roller-coaster of inconsistency year after year?

Join thousands of average golfers who have discovered the natural ability that lies beyond swing mechanics!

If you've ever hit a perfect shot, then you have the ability.

All you need is the recipe.

Discover yours today...

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