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Despite exponential advances in equipment technology and unlimited sources of free advice from
worlds' foremost instructors, the "average" golfer struggles to break 90 consistently.


Are you riding a rollercoaster of inconsistency year after year?

You're not alone!

Based on my experience with over eleven-thousand once a week golfers, this puzzling trend is due to the tacit assumption that one's natural instincts are wrong and must be constantly suppressed.  This belief leads to an endless cycle of fault-finding and error correction.

How do we break the cycle?

The first step is a clear understanding of cause and effect. The second step is developing the ability to "forget" swing mechanics for 1.5 seconds and just hit the damn ball!

Have you taken lessons and ended up frustrated by a lack of improvement?

It's not your fault.

Golf is a game of feel. Thinking and feeling are mutually exclusive;
the more you think - the less you feel. 


This is the "secret" that is often overlooked in traditional instruction.

Have you heard the axiom that golf is ninety percent mental?
What does the phrase mean to the "average" golfer? 

Your best golf lies beyond swing mechanics.


Have you ever hit a perfect shot?


You have the ability. All you need is the recipe.

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