Welcome to Dave Johnston Golf!

This site is dedicated to helping the high handicap golfer

overcome the roadblocks of traditional golf instruction


Have you ever hit a perfect shot?

You have the ability. All you need is the recipe.

Let me help you take your game to a whole new level!


The first step to building your unique swing is a clear understanding of cause and effect. 


Our easy to understand instruction series will help you break through the limits of
traditional instruction and develop your unique swing.


The second step is learning to trust your instinct by reinforcing the "feel" of your best shots.

Are you familiar with the axiom that golf is ninety-percent mental?

The award-winning Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series will help you discover the natural ability
that lies beyond swing mechanics. You can
download a FREE copy here...

For simple tips on every part of the game, please check out our YouTube channel.

Your best golf is waiting...



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